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We employ crews with designated routes for lawn mowing. This means that the same employees will be at your home or business each week, giving them intimate knowledge of your property. This is why you need a competent landscape contractor like Chip's Landscaping, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH to do the job for you. Whether you are a home owner in need of upkeep or a business owner wanting to make a lasting impression we have the mowing crew that you want.

Landscaper Cleves & Delhi, OH

About Our Landscaping Company

Chip O'Toole started doing yard work for St. Simons Parish in Delhi in 1998. He had recently earned an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy after years of service. Fr. Mike Beatty gave him the idea to start mowing grass, so with a small truck and a push mower he started knocking on doors. By the end of the first summer, the commercial mower and trailer fleet started. Over the next twenty years, Chip's Landscaping has become a staple in Cincinnati and surrounding areas, employing up to thirty people during the summer months and providing excellent services to thousands of clients over the years.

Landscaping Cleves & Delhi, OH

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Choose Chip's Landscaping if you need a professional and reliable contractor to maintain your lawn or landscaping. We provide quality landscaping, lawn maintenance, and more. To learn more about our company and the services that we offer, please contact us.